Super Bowl 2017 Predictions: Oakland Raiders May Defeat Dallas Cowboys

Super Bowl 2017 Predictions

At this moment, it's too soon to tell which groups will fight it out at Super Bowl 51 one year from now and it's significantly bolder to state that the Oakland Raiders could wind up bringing home this current season's title. In any case, in view of the group's playing style and execution, they may have the capacity to defeat their potential rival, which, at this moment, could be the Dallas Cowboys.

Since Week 2, after breakout star quarterback Dak Prescott could discover his score on the field, the Cowboys have demonstrated that they are the group to beat for the current year. Taking after their misfortune at Week 1, the Dallas group went on a ruling way loaded with back to back triumphs.

Super Bowl 2017 Predictions

In any case, this all changed in Week 14 when they went up against the New York Giants, a similar group that managed their Week 1 misfortune. On account of the Giants safeguard, the Cowboys offense disintegrated, which then prompted to their second loss of the season.

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Be that as it may, if the Dallas group figures out how to ricochet again from this shocking misfortune, which is by either recapturing their certainty on the field or by supplanting Prescott with Tony Romo, then the Cowboys could at present show up at the 2017 Super Bowl.

Thus, if the Raiders keep on winning amusements and push out the AFC beat contender New England Patriots, the group could likewise make it to the finals.

As uncovered by the Giants at Week 14, the shortcoming of the Cowboys lies in the protective design of their rival, CBS Sports reported. Indeed, the group has solid folks running its offense, however against a group that has a predominant guarded line, the Cowboys would disintegrate.

This is a vital viewpoint that the Raiders can undoubtedly exploit off. Dissimilar to the Patriots, the Raiders have a more grounded resistance, which is the reason they are relied upon to take the AFC title, as indicated by Pace Chronicle. Be that as it may, at the Super Bowl against the Cowboys, the Oakland establishment can use this same quality to at last win the title.

Beside their guard, the group's offense is likewise entirely solid particularly given the way Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree have been playing reliably throughout the entire season. This makes the Raiders an exceptionally perilous group particularly at the Super Bowl.

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