Super Bowl LI: 2017 Super bowl 51 game ball is currently in outer space

Super bowl logo 2017

The Super Bowl every year is a crazy wearing occasion, so it's lone fitting that one of its diversion balls is at present out of this world.

the Houston Super Bowl Committee tweeted a video of NASA space explorer Kate Rubins on board the International Space Station – 250 miles above Earth - with the official Super Bowl LI amusement ball skimming before her.

Rubins is appeared in the miniaturized scale gravity lab where a universal team 'conducts research to progress logical learning for the advantage surprisingly back on Earth.'

The Super Bowl Committee discharged the video as a major aspect of its festival of Friday denoting the start of a 51-day commencement to the amusement that will decide the NFL's champion on Feb. 5 at NRG Stadium.

Super bowl logo 2017

That is a lot of time to take care of business the amusement ball from space to Houston and to settle any pneumatic stress issues with it brought about by being in circle, which would be an unpleasant thing to raise again if Tom Brady and the Patriots are playing.

Super Bowl LI is 51 days away, commencing the official commencement for the Houston Super Bowl Committee. Prior to the diversion can commence, in any case, NASA should bring the amusement ball over from the International Space Station.

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